The Faculty of Fisheries and Marines Sciences Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD) provides the International Summer Program 2022. The program offers international students from different disciplines and backgrounds who are interested in the Sustainable Blue Economy. Students from all around the world are welcome to apply.

Humanity’s relationship with the oceans, and how people use and exploit their resources, is evolving in important ways. While the oceans are increasingly becoming a source of food, energy, and products such as medicines and enzymes, there is also now a better understanding of the non-market goods and services that the oceans provide, which are vital for life on Earth. 

The “blue economy” concept seeks to promote economic growth, social inclusion, and preservation or improvement of livelihoods while at the same time ensuring environmental sustainability. Although the term “blue economy” has been used in different ways, it is understood here as comprising the range of economic sectors and related policies that together determine whether the use of oceanic resources is sustainable. The blue economy has diverse components, including established traditional ocean industries such as fisheries, tourism, and maritime transport, but also new and emerging activities, such as offshore renewable energy, aquaculture, seabed extractive activities, and marine biotechnology and bioprospecting.

The Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science also supports the blue economy movement by taking part in maintaining the sustainability of fishery resources. This is intended to achieve one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number 14 regarding marine and fisheries. The development of the fisheries sector cannot only focus on the field of fisheries, but is highly determined on the ecosystem and various other sectors. Universities are also expected to be centers of excellence in the SDGs. The role of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences is also expected to be even stronger to support the achievement of SDG number 14.  Therefore, the title of our summer course program is The Global Strategy of Blue Economy : Challenge, Potential, and Development consisting of 2 (two) credits with an additional 1 (one) credit if students take a Virtual Trip, the total course is one week or seven (7) working days for this summer course session from 12 September 2022 to 18 September 2022. 


Main Topics:

  • Fisheries Bio Economic
  • Coastal and Marine Tourism
  • Maritime Transport, Ports and Related Services, Shipping, and Shipbuilding
  • Renewable Marine (off-shore) Energy
  • Aquaculture
  • Seabed Extractive Activities
  • Marine Biotechnology and Bioprospecting
  • Remote Sensing for Coastal Forest Conservation

Virtual Field Trips:

  1. Blanakan Subang Crocodile Captivity
  2. Biawak Island
  3. Pangandaran
  4. Batu Karas
  5. Sea Turtle Conservation at Batu Hiu Pangandaran
  6. Unpad Mariculture Net Cage in Pangandaran
  7. Mangrove Marine Tourism in Karangsong

Terms and Conditions

  1. Indonesian and International Undergraduate and Post graduate students
  2. International students resident in Indonesia
  3. Already install Zoom Meeting

Document Requirement

  1. Curriculum Vitae*
  2. Recommendation from home University*
  3. Scan Student ID Card/ Passport
  4. Student Number ID
  5. passport photo (4×6)

*) In English

Registration Online: August 8th – August 31th, 2022

Terms and Conditions

  1. Indonesian and International Undergraduate and Post graduate students
  2. International students resident in Indonesia
  3. Already install Zoom Meeting

Program Fee

  • For Indonesian students Rp 250.000,-
  • For Non-Indonesian students 50 USD
  • More information payment contact via email:

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