Within a collaborative Project between Eawag’s Department of Aquatic Ecology and the Institute of Biology in Bucharest, Romania, there is an opening for a Ph.D. position in Aquatic Ecology. In this collaborative project between Swiss and Romanian scientists we aim to the reconstruct the cyanobacterial blooms and assess their potential toxicity in lakes from the Danube Delta – a biodiversity hotspot and UNESCO World Heritage Site of global importance.

For more information about the position, requirement and application portal online:http://internet1. refline.ch/ 673277/0147/ ++publications+ +/1/index. html

Applications should include a concise statement describing the motivation to work on this research project, curriculum vitae, copies of your academic qualifications and two letters of support with the affiliations of the supporting scientists.

The deadline for applications is October 15, 2012. Informal inquiries before submitting an application are encouraged. Contact: PD Dr. Piet Spaak, (spaak@eawag. ch)