Dear Sir, Madam,

The MARES Management board is happy to announce that the Fourth Call for Applications for Doctoral Candidates has been opened. Information on the application procedure and electronic application forms are available on:

Selected PhD grants for this call for applications will be starting from September 2014 at the earliest. The deadline to apply is set at December 1st 2013.

We expect to have nine grants available in total for this Fourth Edition: 5 for Category A applicants (basically non-Europeans); 3 for Category B applicants (Europeans) and 1 additional “window candidate” for either a Western Balkan or Turkish applicant.

These grants have a duration of 3 years. Selected candidates will get an employment contract, the monthly salary will be approximately between 1400€ and 1800€  and include a bench fee as well (7200€ per year)

Applications are open for nineMARES PhD Subjects. The list of subjects can be consulted on the MARES website. Please consult the MARES PhD Subject Catalogue 2013 here :

The application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Register and get a MARES application account: register here
  2. Complete the application form and fill in all required fields:log in here
  3. Find at least two referees who are willing to write a recommendation letter, use our template: more info
  4. Submit your complete application form electronically
  5. You will receive a confirmation email that we have received your application. This email will have the application form as a pdf-attachment.
  6. Between December 2013 & February 2014 all applications will be evaluated. Candidates who get a high ranking based on the evaluations may also be interviewed (skype / telephone).
  7. By the end of February 2014 the preliminary selection results will be disseminated. All applicants will then receive a feedback email regarding their selection status.

A secondary PhD Subject Catalogue has been published as well ( . It contains PhD Subjects that will not be funded with an Erasmus Mundus PhD grant. These subjects have no funding attached to them, but they are open for candidates that are able to secure funding on their own initiative.

More detailed information is available at the MARES website :

Our Best Regards,

Prof. Dr. Magda Vincx, Dr. Tim Deprez and Pieter Blondeel


Ghent University

Marine Biology Research Group

Krijgslaan 281 / S8 ; B9000 Gent, Belgium